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Light of a Clear Blue Morning Light of a Clear Blue Morning
arr. Craig Hella Johnson - Hal Leonard Corporation

Craig Hella Johnson's a cappella setting of Dolly Parton's Light of a Clear Blue Morning is infused with light and hopefulness as it opens with a solo soprano and gradually builds to a joyful... view details
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There is Peace There is Peace
Jim Papoulis - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

The essence of this work, in a world of conflict and violence, is the need for a deep understanding that peace can come from all of us. After the opening phrase, "Look in the eyes of the children, feel the... view details

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Clever Chameleon Clever Chameleon
Andy Beck - Alfred Music Publishing

How fun to sing about one of nature's most curious creatures! A whimsical text, bluesy overtones, quirky chromatics, and optional hand percussion paint a clear picture of the skillful lizard and his... view details

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Changes Changes
Audrey Snyder - Hal Leonard Corporation

Changing the world starts with just one person! Using a powerful vocal call and response with body percussion, this original work builds confidence and self-awareness through the affirming lyrics and vocal... view details

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Goin' Home Goin' Home
Paul Langford - Shawnee Press

Dvorak's famous Largo theme from his Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" is set to a beautiful, spiritual original text in this deeply moving piece. Simple, yet rich with vocal harmonies, piano... view details

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Animal Crackers Animal Crackers
Eric Whitacre - Hal Leonard Corporation

Here are three whimsical settings of Ogden Nash poems that are sure to appeal to Eric Whitacre fans: The Panther; The Cow and The Firefly. For mixed choirs, this is a novelty selection with... view details
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I Ask for One Day I Ask for One Day
Jim Papoulis - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

"I ask for one day where I don't have to hear about pain, or life that's lost, I ask for one day where whispers of hope are alive inside my heart." These words, written by 5th graders in a writing workshop,... view details

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Everlasting Melody Everlasting Melody
Rollo Dilworth - Hal Leonard Corporation

This gospel-style original will set every toe tapping and fill every heart with harmony! Well-written vocal and piano parts ensure success, and the positive message is relevant to choirs of all ages. It's the... view details
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Three-Part Mixed 
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
Listen to the Rain Listen to the Rain
Stephen L. Lawrence - Heritage Music Press

This imaginative piece will captivate your audience with the sounds and sensations of a thunderstorm.  The whispered opening and lyrical melody set the mood for an intriguing moment when the audience actually... view details
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A Distant Shore A Distant Shore (The Water Is Wide)
Mary Donnelly & George Strid - Alfred Music Publishing

This partner-song setting of the best-loved American folk song The Water Is Wide features a new, folk-like countermelody. Moderate vocal ranges, an extended "echo" section, flowing piano lines, strong... view details
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Chantez Alleluia! Chantez Alleluia!
Dave & Jean Perry - Heritage Music Press

This lively original, with its infectious melody and interactive harmony, weaves two very basic French phrases with "alleluia" to create a delightful offering.  Joyful, fun, and extremely accessible,... view details

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Autumn Fires Autumn Fires
Mary Donnelly & George L.O. Strid - Hal Leonard Corporation

Younger choirs will build important choral skills with this tender setting of a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Alternating between modal and major key tonality, the part-writing is carefully crafted,... view details

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And This Shall Be for Music And This Shall Be for Music
Victor C. Johnson - Alfred Music Publishing

This warm choral setting is so beautifully melodic and expressive, it could be precisely the way Robert Louis Stevenson imagined his famous "I will make you brooches" poem. This is very sweet, singable, and... view details

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In the Name of Music In the Name of Music
Wanetta Hill & Victor C. Johnson - Shawnee Press

"In the name of music, I shall sing of breathtaking wonders and beautiful things..." You will not find a better music-themed piece for your choir! Superb in music and text, this offers an ideal opportunity... view details

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Like the Beat of a Drum Like the Beat of a Drum
Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

"There's a change on the horizon, there's a change that's sure to come.  And that change is strong and steady, like the beat of a drum..."  This piece delivers a positive message: Be true to what you believe... view details
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Pirate Story Pirate Story
Kathleen Ballantyne - Alfred Music Publishing

A basket on a grassy meadow sets the stage for a delightful musical journey through a child's imagination. Robert Louis Stevenson's famous text is set in a rollicking sea-chantey style, with both voice... view details

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In the Arms of an Oak In the Arms of an Oak
Andy Beck - Alfred Music Publishing

This special piece is a loving tribute to those who stand strong throughout life's seasons and storms. Superb two-part writing gives each voice part a chance to shine, while thoughtful dynamics and tempo... view details

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A Child of Song A Child of Song
Derryl Herring & Andy Beck - Alfred Music Publishing

Don't be fooled by the five-four meter of this original canon for 2-part voices, because it's amazingly simple to learn! Perhaps it's the lilting jazzy groove, the supportive piano part, and the well-crafted... view details
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A Joyful Song A Joyful Song
Mary Lynn Lightfoot - Heritage Music Press

This jubilant, accessible original will add flourish and excitement to your performance. The strong opening theme leads to a colorful contrasting middle section, and the buoyant recapitulation propels the... view details

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A Better World A Better World
Sonja Poorman - Alfred Music Publishing

Teach your students that by working together, we can build a brighter tomorrow. This gently flowing piece is well designed for younger groups, with plenty of unison singing, independent counterlines, and... view details

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We Can Dream We Can Dream
Pinkzebra - pinkzebra

An uplifting, hopeful, and inspiring song perfectly suited for graduation ceremonies and concert programs. Beautiful melodies and an intuitive arrangement make this song a quick learn for middle and high... view details

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The April Rainbow The April Rainbow
Laura Farnell - Hal Leonard Corporation

The jubilant keyboard textures and vibrant, cascading vocal lines in this contemporary festival piece will make you want to rush out and embrace the spring! A contrasting legato middle section adds an... view details
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