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Adult Lenten Anthems for the Church Choir (251)
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My Song Is Love Unknown
Dwight Gustafson/ed. Trevor Manor
The Lenten Rose
Diane Hannibal
Christ Has Paid It All
Faye Lopez & Patricia Mock
Prayer for Mercy
arr. Jonathan Reid
Lord, Have Mercy
Steve Merkel/arr. Lloyd Larson
My Burden Is Light
Daniel Greig/arr. Bryan Buda
Jesus Christ Is Lord
Philip W.J. Stopford
When Jesus Wept
William Billings/arr. Gwyneth Walker
Ah, Holy Jesus
Donald McCullough
The Weeping Tree
Joseph M. Martin
Flee as a Bird
Mary S.B. Dana/arr. Joseph M. Martin
After the Mist and Shadow
Patricia Mock/arr. Brad Nix
Christus Lux Mea
Heather Sorenson
arr. Heather Sorenson
In the Cross
Lee Black, Jason Cox, & Danielle Kingsley/arr. Phillip Keveren
Jesus Paid It All
arr. Howard Helvey
Craig Courtney
Were You There?
arr. Marques Garrett
It Was for Love!
arr. Tom Fettke
The Bitter Cup
Joey Hoelscher
On the Via Dolorosa
Douglas E. Wagner