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A Trio of Praise
arr. John A. Behnke
David Kidwell, Timpothy P. Cooper, Lyndell Leatherman & louri Grichetchkine
Deborah Govenor
The Complete Organist
Compiled by James Southbridge & Dennis Eliot
Chimings for the Church Organ
compiled by Dorothy Wells
Short Postludes for Organ
Compiled by Eugene McCluskey
Alleluia! Alleluia!
arr. Kate Dickey McEwen
In Prayer
arr. Neil Harmon
Prayerful Preludes #7
arr. Robert J. Powell
A Reformation Celebration
arr. Jeffrey Blersch & Kevin Hildebrand
Epiphany Mosaics
arr. Jacob B. Weber
Immortal, Invisible
arr. Matthew H. Corl