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David Kidwell, Timpothy P. Cooper, Lyndell Leatherman & louri Grichetchkine
Spirituals for Organ
Mark Hayes/arr. Marvin Gaspard
Epiphany Mosaics
arr. Jacob B. Weber
A Reformation Celebration
arr. Jeffrey Blersch & Kevin Hildebrand
All Things New
arr. Robert J. Powell
Music for Rejoicing
Douglas E. Wagner
Jason D. Payne
Prayerful Preludes Set 4
arr. Robert J. Powell
Hymns for Organ
(Artistic Expressions of Faith and Joy)
arr. Mark Hayes, adapted Douglas E. Wagner
A Trio of Praise
arr. John A. Behnke
Un Cantico Nuevo
arr. Jeffrey Honore
Prayerful Preludes Set 3
arr. Robert J. Powell
Prayerful Preludes Set 2
arr. Robert J. Powell