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The Berklee Book of Jazz Harmony
Tom Hojnacki & Joe Mulholland - Berklee Press

Learn jazz harmony, as taught at Berklee College of Music. This text provides a strong foundation in harmonic principles, supporting further study in jazz composition, arranging, and improvisation. It covers... view details

Berklee Music Theory - Book 1 (2nd Edition)
Paul Schmeling - Berklee Press

This essential method features rigorous, hands-on, "ears-on" practice exercises that help you explore the inner workings of music, presenting notes, scales, and rhythms as they are heard in pop, jazz, and... view details

Berklee Music Theory - Book 2 (2nd Edition)
Paul Schmeling - Berklee Press

This volume focuses on harmony, including triads, seventh chords, inversions, and voice leading for jazz, blues and popular music styles.  You'll develop the tools needed to write melodies and create effective... view details

Twelve-Tone Improvisation (A Method for Using Twelve Tone Rows in Jazz)
John O'Gallagher - Advance Music

Subtitled A Method for Using Tone Rows in Jazz, this novel approach to jazz improvisation combines jazz harmonies and twelve-note melodies in an exciting new tonal language.  The author is an active member of... view details