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Advanced Rhythms in Improvisation Advanced Rhythms in Improvisation
Ed Saindon - Advance Music

This book offers improvisers material on polyrhythms and mixed rhythmic figures that will help expand their rhythmic vocabulary. Additionally, working on this material will help them fine tune their sense of... view details
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Alternative Styles Alternative Styles (Music Book Series)
Doug Cameron - C.F. Peters Corp.

Doug Cameron's Alternative Styles music book series offers a unique look into solo jazz violin technique.  In the introductory book, he offers tips on writing, arranging, recording, practicing, improvising,... view details
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Patterns for Jazz Patterns for Jazz
Jerry Coker - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Patterns for Jazz stands as a monument among jazz educational materials. Condensed charts and pertinent explanations are conveniently inserted throughout the book to give greater clarity to the... view details

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Uncommon Bebop Uncommon Bebop (From Common Bebop Practices & Concepts)
Mike Rossi - Advance Music

Uncommon Bebop demonstrates how to develop a colorful chromatic language for improvisation from common bebop practices and devices. It shows how to alter melodic lines beyond their fixed state to create... view details
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