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Jazz/Rock and Funk Jazz Ensemble Charts (356)
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Little Drummer Boy
Katherine Davis / Ric Flauding
Little Drummer Boy
Katherine Kennicott Davis / Ric Flauding
Daryl McKenzie
Joe Schaefer
Soulful Swagger
Pete McGuinness
Preach It!
Joe Elefante
Hunk o' Funk
Carl Strommen
Bari-ed Alive!
Erik Sherburne
Phase Dance
Metheny & Mays/arr. Bob Curnow
Line Drive
Rob Vuono, Jr.
Lab Report
Ethan Freier
Chin Music
Dean Sorenson
Hot Rockin'
Mike Carubia
Steve Briody
Power Play
Rich Woolworth
Late to Lunch
Rich Woolworth
Cold Sweat
arr. Allen Gray
How's the Weather?
Mike Collins-Dowden
Be Cool
Mike Tomaro
Fool Me Once
Gordon Goodwin
Erik Morales
It's All Right with Me
Cole Porter/arr. Alan Baylock
Groove Merchant
Jerome Richardson/arr. Rich Sigler
The In Crowd
arr. Peter Blair
I Love Lucy
arr. Paul Baker
Punk Phunk
Charles Booker
Lynda B
Dave Hanson
Street Smart
Doug Beach & George Shutack
Funk Tank
Lars Halle
Museum of Idiots
arr. Mathew Montgomery
Who Is My Neighbor?
Mathew Montgomery