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All About Music Theory
Mark Harrison - Hal Leonard Corporation

If you wish there was a fun and engaging way to help you understand the fundamentals of music, then this is it.  Whether it's learning to read music, understanding chords and scales, musical forms, or... view details

Ap Music Theory
Nancy Scoggin - Barron's Educational Series

This brand-new addition to Barron's series of Advanced Placement test prep manuals presents a comprehensive review of music theory, followed by two full-length practice tests with all questions answered and... view details

Arranging in the Digital World
Corey Allen - Hal Leonard Corporation

This is the resource for creating truly inspired arrangements! Full of tips and tricks covering techniques for building digital arrangements in a variety of styles, including country, gospel, pop, jazz, rock,... view details

Behind Bars (The Definitive Guide to Music Notation)
Elaine Gould - Faber Music

An indispensable reference book for composers, arrangers, teachers and students of composition, editors, and music processors.  In the most thorough and painstakingly researched book to be published since the... view details

Berklee Music Theory - Book 1 (2nd Edition)
Paul Schmeling - Berklee Press

This essential method features rigorous, hands-on, "ears-on" practice exercises that help you explore the inner workings of music, presenting notes, scales, and rhythms as they are heard in pop, jazz, and... view details

Berklee Music Theory - Book 2 (2nd Edition)
Paul Schmeling - Berklee Press

This volume focuses on harmony, including triads, seventh chords, inversions, and voice leading for jazz, blues and popular music styles.  You'll develop the tools needed to write melodies and create effective... view details

Complete Guide to Film Scoring (2nd Edition)
Richard Davis - Berklee Press

Essential for anyone interested in the business, process and procedures of writing music for film or television, this book teaches the Berklee approach to the art.  Covers topics such as: preparing and... view details

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Arranging and Orchestration
Michael Miller - Alfred Music Publishing

In this guide you will find advice on how to structure a composition for various styles of music, techniques for creating arrangements and practical advice on writing for all popular instruments, including... view details

Composition for Computer Musicians
Michael Hewitt - Course Technology

Want to compose your own digital music?  This friendly guide explains the basics of composing songs and music on the computer, using any music-creation-and-recording program, whether you choose Reason, Live,... view details

Edly's Music Theory for Practical People
Ed Roseman - Musical Edventures

This practical approach to music theory is refreshingly easy and fun to use! 37 chapters, in just under 200 pages, cover everything from musical intervals, scales, modes, and song forms to transposition, chord... view details

The Everything Music Composition Book (A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Music)
Eric Starr - Hal Leonard Corporation

This book is an all-in-one guide for people who want to compose their own musical arrangements.  You will learn to tap into your creativity while integrating melody, harmony, rhythm, and other musical devices.... view details

Ex Ovo (A Guide for Perplexed Composers and Improvisers)
Dusan Bogdanovic - Les Editions Doberman-Yppan

First Printing. A collection of essays. Contents: Toward a new synthesis; Species of space; Baroque and jazz: musical twins; Ex ovo; Who owns these questionable brains?; World making; Now a dragon, now a... view details

Exploring Jazz Arranging (An Interactive Guide to the Techniques and Aesthetics)
Chuck Israels - Hal Leonard Corporation

Perfect for both new and experienced arrangers, this book/CD-ROM set covers concepts that guide the beginner and stimulates new thinking among more seasoned musicians. The musical examples are creative and... view details

Fundamentals of Musical Composition
SCHOENBERG, A - Belmont Music Publishers

Schoenberg, Arnold. Gerald Strang, Leonard Stein. Published by Belmont Music, Pacific Palisades, CA. Copyright 2002. New printing of this text first released in 1965. This was the result of Schoenberg's... view details

God Songs (How to Write and Select Songs for Worship)
Carol Owens, Jimmy Owens & Paul Baloche - Hal Leonard Corporation

This instructional book by songwriters Paul Baloche and Jimmy & Carol Owens covers basic songwriting principles like how to develop a song after inspiration comes, 30 characteristics that make a song... view details

Greek Musical Writings, Volume 2 (Harmonic and Acoustic Theory)
Andrew Barker - Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Readings in the Literature of Music. ... view details

Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony
Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky - Dover Publications Inc.

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyitch.  Published by Dover Publications, Mineola, NY. Copyright 2005. Unabridged republication of original edition which has long been out of print.   ... view details

Harmony Book
CARTER, E - Carl Fischer LLC

Carter, Elliott. Eds. Nicholas Hopkins,, John F. Link. Published by Carl Fischer, New York. Copyright 2001. Compiled over a period of more than 40 years, thisbook is a massive encyclopedia devoted to explor-... view details

How to Write Songs in Altered Guitar Tunings
Rikky Rooksby - Hal Leonard Corporation

There are many ways apart from the standard one to tune a guitar, and each way opens up new possibilities for the player and songwriter.  In this latest installment in his bestselling songwriting series,... view details

How to Write Songs on Guitar (2nd Edition)
Rikky Rooksby - Hal Leonard Corporation

So you want to write songs, and you want to write them on guitar.  This is the book that shows you exactly how.  Taking tips and tricks from classic songwriters, from Bob Dylan to the "Beatles" to Tori Amos,... view details

The Infinite Variety of Music
Leonard Bernstein - Schott Music Distribution

A classic work by one of the twentieth century's preeminent American composers and conductors. Contents: An Imaginary Conversation; Five Television Scripts; A Sabbatical Report; Four Symphonic Analyses; An... view details

Integrating Technology with Music Instruction
Greg Foreman & Kyle Pace - Alfred Music Publishing

This is a comprehensive guide to implementing technology in the music classroom. It offers practical strategies for utilizing technology to increase student learning, motivation and engagement, and helps... view details