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Music in Me (Level 1)
Carol Tornquist - Word Music

Music in Me is a gently-paced piano method for the young Christian student, age 7 to 12. It's a Christian method from start to finish with inspirational Bible verses, Christian songs, and the spirit of... view details

Music in Me (Level 2)
Carol Tornquist - Word Music

Level 2 introduces C Major hand position, harmonic intervals through the octave, eighth notes, G Major, F Major, sharps and flats.  The artwork found throughout the method is adorable and nurturing - perfect... view details

Music in Me (Level 3)
Carol Tornquist - Word Music

Level 3 introduces dotted quarter notes; triads; half and whole steps; the major scale; D, A and E Majors; and use of the damper pedal. ... view details

Music in Me (Level 4)
Carol Tornquist - Word Music

Level 4 progresses from the early-intermediate to the intermediate level. It introduces new concepts and techniques including sixteenth notes, dotted eighth-sixteenths; the keys of E-flat, A-flat and D-flat... view details

Music in Me (Level 5)
Carol Tornquist - Word Music

The student is fully at the intermediate level in Level 5. The keys of B, B-flat and G-flat are covered as well as advancing concepts including compound meter; chromatic scales; Major and minor 7th, 9th, and... view details