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A Distant Shore A Distant Shore (The Water Is Wide)
Mary Donnelly & George Strid - Alfred Music Publishing

This partner-song setting of the best-loved American folk song The Water Is Wide features a new, folk-like countermelody. Moderate vocal ranges, an extended "echo" section, flowing piano lines, strong... view details
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The Papaya Song The Papaya Song
Greg Gilpin - Alfred Music Publishing

Kids will love performing with shakers in hand during this island-flavored Calypso song, arranged especially for developing two-part singers. A terrific way to shake things up and bring the house down!

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Lights! Choral DVD Choral Movement
I Bought Me a Cat I Bought Me a Cat
arr. Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

Now available for two-part or SAB choirs, Sally's fresh treatment of the humorous American folk song is in "add-on" style, with a new animal introduced in each verse.  Each animal sings a distinctive call,... view details
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Joy Be With You All Joy Be With You All
Douglas E. Wagner - Alfred Music Publishing

This thoughtful closing sentiment is appropriate for any time of year. Imagine your singers joining hands as they blend and tune their voices. Just when you think you've heard the finest of a cappella... view details

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The Happy Wanderer The Happy Wanderer (Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra)
arr. Dave & Jean Perry - Alfred Music Publishing

Originally composed for a German children's chorus, this folksong from the Swiss Alps is the ultimate happy hiking song. The piano accompaniment includes an optional "secondo" part, so you can use two... view details
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Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
arr. Matthew Armstrong - Alfred Music Publishing

The age-old tale of Old Joe springs to life in this terrific setting for men! Solid part-writing and a rollicking piano accompaniment make this perfect for a lighter moment in any program. Add to the fun by... view details

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Shenandoah Shenandoah
FUNK, J - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Jeff funk has created a remarkably sensitive and highly musical arrangement of one of our most revered American folk melodies. Between its fresh scoring and rich harmonies it makes a great showpiece for choirs... view details
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Over the Sea to Skye Over the Sea to Skye (The Skye Boat Song)
arr. Douglas E. Wagner - Alfred Music Publishing

Like waves of an ocean carrying a boat, the lilting triple meter of this ageless Scottish folk tune supports warm choral harmonies. Lush and embracing, it's a lovely ballad for concert or contest. To make... view details

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Follow the Drinking Gourd Follow the Drinking Gourd
ALTHOUSE - Alfred Music Publishing

An exceptional arrangement of the traditional African-American folk song pertaining to the Big Dipper (the "Drinking Gourd") and how it points north t freedom. Features solid choral writing with a haunting... view details
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A Captain I Shall Be A Captain I Shall Be
Glenda E. Franklin - Alfred Music Publishing

This original sea chantey is expressly designed for two-part male ensembles. Contrary motion, canonic counterpoint, and comfortable ranges make it easy for your boys to sound like men. Bring out the... view details

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There's a Song in My Heart There's a Song in My Heart
Douglas E. Wagner - Alfred Music Publishing

There will be smiles all around when your kids embrace this lighthearted ditty-made-more. Doug's happy arrangement is a breeze with its catchy counterlines, repetitive refrain, and partner song pairing.... view details

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Men o' the Sea Men o' the Sea
Gary E. Parks - Alfred Music Publishing

Here's a hearty and masculine feature just for the guys! This traditional whaling tune is an adventure in male bonding as the crew joins their voices to conquer the sea. A robust piano accompaniment mirrors... view details

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Camptown Races Camptown Races
Stephen Foster/arr. Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Jay's particularly folky accompaniment features a jaunty piano with optional bass and percussion (available free at Fully arranged with new harmonic and rhythmic content on each... view details

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Cripple Creek Cripple Creek
arr. Greg Gilpin - Alfred Music Publishing

"Have a little fun" singing this lively rendition of a great American fiddle tune that frequently alternates between the girls and the guys. It's a hand-clappin', foot-stompin' hootenanny that will be one of... view details
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Vive l'Amour Vive l'Amour (Vive la Compagnie)
arr. Lon Beery - Alfred Music Publishing

Best known as a popular camp song, this convivial tune about camaraderie and brotherhood is perfect for three-part men! Featuring straightforward choral writing, changing voices and an unforgettably catchy... view details

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I Know Where I'm Going I Know Where I'm Going
arr. Mark Hayes - Alfred Music Publishing

While the origins of this sublime love ballad are uncertain (either Ireland or Scotland), its beauty is undeniable. The melancholy text speaks of trading all worldly trappings for "handsome, winsome... view details

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Cossacks of the Steppe Cossacks of the Steppe
Cathryne E. & Gary E. Parks - Alfred Music Publishing

Cossacks (from the Turkish word for "adventurers") are military horsemen hailing from historic Russia, and this piece accurately captures their bravado with strong vocal phrases, proud two-part harmonies,... view details

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