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Secular Choral Concert Music (14)
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Connected Connected
Brian Tate - Pavane Publishing

"I am you are me..." This innovative original uses a clever text and pop-style music to create an environment of togetherness among members of the choir. Community - that's what it's all about. Each vocal... view details

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Autumn Autumn
Kevin A. Memley - Pavane Publishing

Kevin Memley's artistry paints pictures with music in this setting of 19th century poet Thomas Hood's words.  High school and college choirs will be enraptured by the beauty of this selection.  One can hear... view details
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The Isle Is Full of Noises The Isle Is Full of Noises
Paul Ayres - Pavane Publishing

Have you ever awakened from a dream and wished you could return to it? This work begins with whispering noises before stating the Shakespeare text, and later brings some Chinese text into the mix, by... view details

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There Will Come Soft Rains There Will Come Soft Rains
Kevin Memley - Pavane Publishing

IMPRESSIONS (Reflections on Humanity by Sara Teasdale) is a set of three outstanding pieces by Kevin Memley for treble voices. The texts are favorites of many and Kevin's treatments are exquisite masterpieces.... view details
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We Sing We Sing
Brian Tate - Pavane Publishing

This creative a cappella original has a life-affirming quality that is universally appealing. Beginning quietly, the piece builds with the joyful Latin text "Exsultate, jubilate," accompanied by djembe,... view details

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Hope Hope
Debra Scroggins - Pavane Publishing

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul..." Emily Dickinson's famous poem is treated with tender care in this dramatic setting, which begins gently and builds to a soaring climax before... view details

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Dream Land Dream Land
Kevin A. Memley - Pavane Publishing

A poem by Christina Rossetti is the inspiration for this expressive piece for four-part voices and piano. "Where sunless rivers weep their waves into the deep, she sleeps a charmed sleep..." Appropriate for... view details

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Born in a Song Born in a Song
Judith Herrington - Pavane Publishing

"I live in a song without words or endings, fragments of memories, murmur of harmonies..." Based on a Spanish text by Bianca Chamusco, this macaronic piece brings together Spanish and English in a unique... view details

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When the Sun Comes After Rain When the Sun Comes After Rain
Matthew Emery - Pavane Publishing

This imaginative a cappella setting of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem brings a freshness as real as the smells after a summer rain. "When the sun comes after rain and the bird is in the blue, the girls go down... view details
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The Tyger The Tyger
Andrew Miller - Pavane Publishing

William Blake's famous poem The Tyger has been the inspiration for many pieces of choral music. This interpretation was the winner of the 2013 NDSU Edwin Fissinger Choral Composition Contest.... view details

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The Road Not Taken The Road Not Taken
David C. Dickau - Pavane Publishing

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both..." The famous Robert Frost poem sings naturally with the melodic and harmonic flavor which are hallmarks of David Dickau's compositional... view details
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Sunset Sunset
Eric Saari - Pavane Publishing

"Splendor of ended day, floating and filling me!" This composition for better a cappella choirs is appropriately colorful, suggesting the vivid imagery of the text, which is based on excerpts from Walt... view details
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The Coolin The Coolin
David C. Dickau - Pavane Publishing

"Come with me, under my coat, and we will drink our fill..." This love poem by James Stephens is set to a beautiful melody by David Dickau, placed above his signature harmonies and tasteful dissonances, and... view details

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Spring Carol Spring Carol
David C. Dickau - Pavane Publishing

Inispired by a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, this lovely piece is a celebration of life. One can feel the mist and smell the meadows of the landscape in Dickau's music, which closes with a feeling of calm... view details
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