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SAB and Three-Part Mixed Choral Music for Graduation and Commencement (52)
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Amani Utupe Amani Utupe (Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage)
Patsy Ford Simms - Alfred Music Publishing

This African-style piece is just so much fun, everyone will be singing this on their way home! The text, which includes a combination of English and Swahili, is as joyful as the music.  The repetitive melody... view details
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Awaken the Music Awaken the Music
Greg Gilpin - Shawnee Press

"Inspirational with drive and spirit" describes this original work suitable for graduation, concert and festival. Powerful lyrics propel musicians to awaken the music within and achieve their dreams. "Awaken... view details
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A Blessing of Assurance A Blessing of Assurance
Hojun Lee - Shawnee Press

This beautiful octavo beckons your congregation to peace and hope. The gorgeous melody rises like a prayer and is answered with a countermelody in a beautiful duet. Based on Scripture and incorporating the

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Closer to the Flame Closer to the Flame
Susan Boersma & David Lantz III - Alfred Music Publishing

The buoyant music and hopeful text of this contemporary original are reminiscent of a traditional American folk song. A compelling accompaniment gracefully winds throughout, easily navigating the metric... view details
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Credo Credo
Mark Hayes - Heritage Music Press

Originally written for the International Children's Choir Festival in Canterbury, England, this is appropriate for a wide range of choirs in schools and churches. The text speaks of imagination, creativity and... view details
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Firework Firework
arr. Mark Brymer - Hal Leonard Corporation

Katy Perry's 2010 blockbuster hit works great for choirs because it has a driving beat and an inspiring message for today's younger generation. "...there's a spark in you. You just gotta ignite the light and... view details
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Three-Part Mixed 
Fly Away Home Fly Away Home
Pinkzebra - pinkzebra

A beautiful song about exploring the world and having life experiences, but always remembering where you came from and knowing you can always return home. It provides a fresh angle for a graduation song,

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For Good For Good (from "Wicked")
Stephen Schwartz/arr. Huff - Hal Leonard Corporation

From the Broadway show "Wicked," which is a new take on "The Wizard of Oz"  from the witches' point of view, this is a tender, expressive ballad with a touching lyric. "Like a comet pulled from orbit as it... view details
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For Good For Good
Stephen Schwartz/arr. Roger Emerson - Hal Leonard Corporation

Now available in an easy arrangement for young and developing voices, this stirring ballad from the Broadway show "Wicked" reminds us of the importance of friendship and the positive influence we can have on... view details
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Good Riddance Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
arr. Mike Taylor - Alfred Music Publishing

From the rock group "Green Day" comes this hit song arranged for choral groups by Mike Taylor. The lyrics are perfect for graduation or end-of-year concerts: "It's something unpredictable, but in the end is... view details
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Hold Fast Your Dreams Hold Fast Your Dreams
Greg Gilpin - Shawnee Press

The exciting fanfare opening exalts the title then continues with long melodic lines above a rhythmic and driving piano accompaniment. Throughout, the text is musically reflected in style and dynamics with

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I Am a Small Part of the World I Am a Small Part of the World
Sally Albrecht & Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Dramatic!  Full of strength, power and determination!  With an incredibly strong text and solid choral writing, this is an excellent choice for a multitude of functional uses and for any size choir, from very... view details
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I'll Be There I'll Be There
arr. Roger Emerson - Hal Leonard Corporation

This wonderful song by The Jacksons was a number-one hit in 1970, and it translates beautifully for choral singing in this outstanding arrangement! Opening softly, it builds to a powerful climax that will... view details
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