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SAB and Three-Part Mixed Multicultural Choral Music (58)
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Ahrirang Ahrirang
arr. Brad Printz - Heritage Music Press

This extraordinary arrangement highlights the striking difference between traditional Korean music and Western musical style, presenting the song in both ways. The text speaks of Ahrirang Hill outside of... view details
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Amani Utupe Amani Utupe (Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage)
Patsy Ford Simms - Alfred Music Publishing

This African-style piece is just so much fun, everyone will be singing this on their way home! The text, which includes a combination of English and Swahili, is as joyful as the music.  The repetitive melody... view details
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Ani Ma'amin Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)
arr. John Leavitt - Hal Leonard Corporation

The text of this traditional Hebrew song comes from the twelfth century Jewish Articles of Faith, translated as "I believe." Sung by many Jews who were victims of the Holocaust, the song offered comfort... view details
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Canoe Song Canoe Song
arr. Ruth Morris Gray - Shawnee Press

A favorite Native American tune is creatively blended with original music, incorporating unison and two-part harmony, round and partner-style singing, and optional percussion. This is a treasure chest of... view details
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Canta Conmigo Canta Conmigo
Victor C. Johnson - Alfred Music Publishing

This multicultural original is based on two simple Spanish sentences, meaning, "Come my friend, sing (dance) with joy!" Developing singers will enjoy performing it with the guitar-inspired piano... view details

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Cantar! Cantar!
Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Cuban salsa music is sweeping the country, and Cantar! (which means "Sing!" in Spanish) is a stylistically authentic salsa work for choir. The text is a combination of English and simple, repetitive... view details
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MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
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Chantez Alleluia! Chantez Alleluia!
Dave & Jean Perry - Heritage Music Press

This lively original, with its infectious melody and interactive harmony, weaves two very basic French phrases with "alleluia" to create a delightful offering.  Joyful, fun, and extremely accessible,... view details

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Chili Caliente! Chili Caliente! (Hot Peppers)
David Giardiniere & Joseph Martin - Shawnee Press

When it comes to jalapenos, serranos, habaneros or chili peppers, some like it hot, and some like it even hotter! This hilarious novelty number blends the spicy sound of Rossini's The Barber of Seville... view details
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Cumbia del Sol Cumbia del Sol (Cumbia of the Sun)
arr. Audrey Snyder - Hal Leonard Corporation

With alternate Spanish and English words, this vibrant Colombian folk song accompanies a popular folk dance, the Cumbia. With hand claps, a "la la la" descant and a "Hey!" at the end, the arrangement is... view details

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Dansi Na Kuimba Dansi Na Kuimba
Dave & Jean Perry - Alfred Music Publishing

"Dansi Na Kuimba" means "dance and sing" in Swahili, and this exuberant selection is so much fun to sing that your students will insist on singing it again and again! The words convey a positive message about... view details
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Dona Dona Dona Dona
arr. Cristi Cary Miller - Hal Leonard Corporation

This song from the Yiddish theater also found popularity in the folk movement of the 1960s after it was recorded by Joan Baez. In this charming arrangement for young and developing voices, an optional... view details

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E Ala E E Ala E (Arise)
Ruth Morris Gray - Alfred Music Publishing

The words of a Hawaiian chant form the basis of this nature-inspired piece, which celebrates our connection to the rising sun using Hawaiian and English in equal parts. With authentic-sounding rhythmic and... view details
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Eatnemen Vuelie Eatnemen Vuelie (Song of the Earth)
Frode Fjellheim/arr. Emily Crocker - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

The opening musical number from the Disney animated feature "Frozen," this song is inspired by indigenous Saami and Norwegian culture, a combination of Saami yoiking and the Danish Christmas hymn Dejlig... view details

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El Capotin El Capotin
Lois Fiftal & Greg Gilpin - Shawnee Press

This Puerto Rican folk song celebrates the joys of a fine cup of coffee. It's arranged as a lively partner song, with an original melody and alternating English and Spanish text. The festive accompaniment is... view details
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El Vito El Vito
arr. Emily Crocker - Hal Leonard Corporation

A whirling, twirling Andalusian dancer is vividly portrayed in this setting of a traditional Spanish folksong. Well-crafted vocal lines over a colorful piano accompaniment make this an excellent choice for... view details

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Furaha! Furaha! (Joy!)
Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

This rhythmic African-style number is joyous from beginning to end!  The text alternates between English and Swahili: "We wish you joy each and every day." It's a healthy dose of cross-cultural fun for choirs... view details
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Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe
Kirk Aamot - Hal Leonard Corporation

This popular worship song from Kenya can be performed in a variety of ways: by adding movement while singing, incorporating percussion instruments into the performance, or as a processional. Opening with a... view details

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Hala Lala Layya Hala Lala Layya
arr. Audrey Snyder - Hal Leonard Corporation

Here's a refreshing change of pace for the multicultural spot on your program: a Lebanese song of friendship with a danceable beat and a positive message. The accompaniment track is very cool, too. It's a... view details
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Hine Ma Tov Hine Ma Tov
arr. Lon Beery - Shawnee Press

Two popular Jewish folk songs are joined in this creative medley based on a poignant text, which speaks of dwelling together in unity and harmony. A cello part is provided for the TTB voicing, while a violin... view details
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