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SATB Multicultural Choral Music (56)
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Ahrirang Ahrirang (Korean Folk Song)
arr. Robert DeCormier - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Instantly recognizable as probably the most well-known Korean folk song known in this country, this setting by Robert DeCormier is exceptionally nice! Very haunting!... view details
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Amani Utupe Amani Utupe (Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage)
Patsy Ford Simms - Alfred Music Publishing

This African-style piece is just so much fun, everyone will be singing this on their way home! The text, which includes a combination of English and Swahili, is as joyful as the music.  The repetitive melody... view details
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Ani Ma'amin Ani Ma'amin (Liturgical Holocaust Melody)
arr. John Conahan - Hal Leonard Corporation

This work for unaccompanied mixed voices and two soloists is a setting of a traditional Holocaust melody for a moving tribute to those who perished. A powerful and dramatic selection for remembrance and... view details

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Ani Ma'amin Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)
arr. John Leavitt - Hal Leonard Corporation

The text of this traditional Hebrew song comes from the twelfth century Jewish Articles of Faith, translated as "I believe." Sung by many Jews who were victims of the Holocaust, the song offered comfort... view details
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Baba Yetu Baba Yetu
Chris Kiagiri & Christopher Tin - Alfred Music Publishing

This unique title track from the video game Civilization IV offers a world fusion sound, including chanting, strong rhythmic choral sections, and a Swahili text setting of "The Lord's Prayer."... view details

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Baba Yetu Baba Yetu
Chris Kiagiri & Christopher Tin - Alfred Music Publishing

Now arranged for a cappella voices with optional percussion, this Grammy Award-winning title track from the video game Civilization IV has a unique world-fusion sound, including chanting, strong rhythmic... view details
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Bailando Bailando (Dancing)
Greg Jasperse - Shawnee Press

A cappella choirs at the medium-advanced level will really enjoy this amazing sound painting by Greg Jasperse, following the success of his popular Voice Dance series. In Bailando, Greg's vocal... view details
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Cantar! Cantar!
Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Cuban salsa music is sweeping the country, and Cantar! (which means "Sing!" in Spanish) is a stylistically authentic salsa work for choir. The text is a combination of English and simple, repetitive... view details
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MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
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Carnavalito Carnavalito
arr. Will Lopes - Hal Leonard Corporation

Here is an a cappella arrangement of a Bolivian folksong that is rhythmic and a bit of a challenge, but well worth the rehearsal time. Fun hand claps, vocal percussion and body percussion make the piece... view details

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Chili Caliente! Chili Caliente! (Hot Peppers)
David Giardiniere & Joseph Martin - Shawnee Press

When it comes to jalapenos, serranos, habaneros or chili peppers, some like it hot, and some like it even hotter! This hilarious novelty number blends the spicy sound of Rossini's The Barber of Seville... view details
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Dodi Li Dodi Li
Nira Chen/arr. Doreen Rao - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Sung completely in Hebrew, this delightful Israeli song, with its text based on a song from the Old Testament "Song Of Solomon," is an excellent multicultural experience for young singers.  It is a superb... view details
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Dubula Dubula
Stephen Hatfield - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Here's a fabulous festival piece for a cappella choirs! Dubula is a folk song of the Xhosa people of South Africa, and this arrangement really captures the authentic boisterous style of the original!... view details
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Eatnemen Vuelie Eatnemen Vuelie (Song of the Earth)
Frode Fjellheim/arr. Emily Crocker - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

The opening musical number from the Disney animated feature "Frozen," this song is inspired by indigenous Saami and Norwegian culture, a combination of Saami yoiking and the Danish Christmas hymn Dejlig... view details

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El Cielo Canta Alegria El Cielo Canta Alegria
Roger Bergs - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

This Argentinian worship song crackles with rhythmic energy and religious devotion alike! Perfect for either a first-time world music experience or a full-fledged Latin styled performance. With piano.... view details
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Furaha! Furaha! (Joy!)
Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

This rhythmic African-style number is joyous from beginning to end!  The text alternates between English and Swahili: "We wish you joy each and every day." It's a healthy dose of cross-cultural fun for choirs... view details
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Gnothi Safton Gnothi Safton
Jim Papoulis/ed. Sophia Miller - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

With Gnothi Safton, composer Jim Papoulis raises the profile of Boomwhackers out of the elementary classroom and onto the concert stage. Including an original inspirational text that urges young... view details

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Hine Ma Tov Hine Ma Tov
arr. Allan Naplan - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Inspired by Psalm 133, Hine Ma Tov is translated "How good it is for all of us to dwell together in peace." The meaning of the Hebrew text is universal, as is the appeal of the lively music, which... view details
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Hisakata No Hisakata No (In the Peaceful Light)
Ruth Morris Gray - Alfred Music Publishing

A traditional Japanese poem is set in a twisting and turning repetitive pentatonic fashion in this serene multicultural choral.  Contemporary harmonies, sung with straight tone, will challenge and delight all... view details
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Ib Ashe Ib Ashe
Brian Tate - Shawnee Press

From West Africa comes this celebratory chant honoring one's ancestors. It is an invitation for all to gather and bring their energy together in celebration. Beginning with a wash of vocal sound, the solo... view details

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