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SATB Christmas and Holiday Choral Music (11)
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African Noel African Noel
arr. Victor Johnson - Heritage Music Press

Limited ranges, repeated sections, and creative choral arranging ensure success with this Victor Johnson favorite. This long-time bestseller features percussion parts for sticks, shaker, bongo or African... view details

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MEMedium Easy
Three-Part Mixed 
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
Be a Candle of Hope Be a Candle of Hope
Becki Slagle Mayo - Lorenz Corporation

A wonderful candle-lighting song for young voices! "Be a candle of hope, be a candle of light, a beacon of truth in a dark, hopeless night. Share the light with a friend and watch the flame grow. The more... view details
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Beautiful December Beautiful December
Amy F. Bernon - Heritage Music Press

This gorgeous original lullaby is full of simple and beautiful images: a garden awaiting the return of spring; snow as soft as lamb's wool; a sleepy child dreaming of songs that "rise on silken wings." Lovely,... view details
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A Bell Carol A Bell Carol
Linda Spevacek - Heritage Music Press

A quotation of Joy to the World cascades from above in the accompaniment of this merry original. "Hear the bells now ringing, now ringing throughout the land, sounding out the joy of this holiday... view details
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Christmas... In About Three Minutes Christmas... In About Three Minutes
arr. Mark Weston - Heritage Music Press

Twenty-three familiar holiday songs in three minutes! For extra fun, you can involve your audience in counting the tunes as they fly by. Your students can even hold up numbered signs every time a different... view details

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A Family Christmas Spectacular A Family Christmas Spectacular
arr. Douglas E. Wagner - Heritage Music Press

Featuring a variety of musical styles, this brilliantly conceived medley of secular holiday favorites absolutely sparkles. Including a luscious ballad version of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, and ending... view details
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A Festive Fa La La A Festive Fa La La
Mary Lynn Lightfoot - Heritage Music Press

With lots of rhythmic energy and a hip groove, this creative original is full of fun and festive flair! The modal flavor of the opening chorus features slight hints of the familiar "Fa la la" strains from... view details
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Pat-A-Pan Pat-A-Pan
arr. Mark Burrows - Heritage Music Press

The crisp, rhythmic feel of this setting of the traditional Burgundian carol is highlighted by the clever use of pat-a-pan and tu-re-lu-re-lu motives that are playfully woven through the piece.... view details
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Stars I Shall Find Stars I Shall Find
Victor C. Johnson - Heritage Music Press

"There will be rest, and sure stars shining over the rooftops crowned with snow, a reign of rest, serene forgetting, the music of stillness holy and low."  This masterful setting of Sara Teasdale's... view details

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Throw Open Your Shutters! Throw Open Your Shutters! (A Festive Madrigal)
Amy Feldman Bernon - Heritage Music Press

The festive style of this high-energy original will add a colorful flair to any program! Jaunty accents and staccatos in the middle "Hey! Ding-a dong" sections highlight the wonderful interplay between voice... view details
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Winterlight Winterlight
Amy F. Bernon - Heritage Music Press

Sing your way through the season performing this delightful, lilting original that explores the wonders and distinctive images of winter as seen through the eyes of youth. "'s a glittering... view details
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