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Unison and Two-Part Hanukkah (Chanukah) Choral Music (5)
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Deedle Deedle Dai Deedle Deedle Dai (Hanukkah Is the Reason Why)
Lois Brownsey & Marti Lunn Lantz - Alfred Music Publishing

Here's an upbeat original with fun-filled verses about each of the eight nights and eight lights of the Hanukkah season. Two memorable partner melodies on "Lai lai lai" and "Deedle deedle dai" make up the... view details
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Nun Gimel Hei Shin Nun Gimel Hei Shin
Vicki Tucker Courtney - Alfred Music Publishing

Nun Gimel Hei Shin are the four letters of the Hebrew alphabet that appear on the dreidel. Together they form an acronym for the phrase, "A great miracle happened there." Separately, they determine a... view details
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