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Unison and Two-Part Multicultural Choral Music (26)
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Amani Utupe Amani Utupe (Grant Us Peace, Give Us Courage)
Patsy Ford Simms - Alfred Music Publishing

This African-style piece is just so much fun, everyone will be singing this on their way home! The text, which includes a combination of English and Swahili, is as joyful as the music.  The repetitive melody... view details
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Canta Conmigo Canta Conmigo
Victor C. Johnson - Alfred Music Publishing

This multicultural original is based on two simple Spanish sentences, meaning, "Come my friend, sing (dance) with joy!" Developing singers will enjoy performing it with the guitar-inspired piano... view details

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Cantar! Cantar!
Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Cuban salsa music is sweeping the country, and Cantar! (which means "Sing!" in Spanish) is a stylistically authentic salsa work for choir. The text is a combination of English and simple, repetitive... view details
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MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
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Child of Peace Child of Peace
David Waggoner - Alfred Music Publishing

Here is a simple, eloquent expression of peace, in six languages: French, Hebrew, Zulu, Pashto, Italian and Malay.  The inspiring message and lyrical music are guaranteed to make this a favorite with your... view details
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Dansi Na Kuimba Dansi Na Kuimba
Dave & Jean Perry - Alfred Music Publishing

"Dansi Na Kuimba" means "dance and sing" in Swahili, and this exuberant selection is so much fun to sing that your students will insist on singing it again and again! The words convey a positive message about... view details
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Dream Catcher Dream Catcher
Lois Brownsey & Marti Lunn Lantz - Alfred Music Publishing

Honor a Native American custom by singing this traditional chant, Morning Song, set with an informative text about crafting a "dream catcher." According to legend, this handmade charm ensures pleasant... view details
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El Pajarito! El Pajarito! (The Little Bird)
John Parker & Joel Raney - Alfred Music Publishing

Using a combination of English and Spanish text, this delightful song tells the story of a marketplace, a child who falls in love with a little bird but has no money to buy it, and a nice man who gives the... view details
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Furaha! Furaha! (Joy!)
Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

This rhythmic African-style number is joyous from beginning to end!  The text alternates between English and Swahili: "We wish you joy each and every day." It's a healthy dose of cross-cultural fun for choirs... view details
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Joyeux Noel! Joyeux Noel!
arr. Douglas E. Wagner - Alfred Music Publishing

Bring an international flair to your holiday program with this joyous three-minute medley of four French carols. An IPA pronunciation guide is included for the few foreign words, and a festive concert band... view details

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Loy Krathong Loy Krathong
Herb Frombach & Vicki Tucker Courtney - Alfred Music Publishing

This authentic Thai folk song is sung at annual Loy Krathong festivals while floating candles illuminate the water. The original English text of this enchanting arrangement allows you to teach and sing... view details

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Ma Bella Bimba Ma Bella Bimba
Donald Moore - Alfred Music Publishing

This easy-to-sing arrangement of an Italian folk song is a simple, educationally appropriate cross-cultural work for developing choirs. Simple and uncluttered.... view details
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Obwisana Obwisana
Mary Donnelly & George L.O. Strid - Alfred Music Publishing

Here's a clever arrangement that pairs two folksongs from Ghana into a marvelous "world-music" selection for young and developing choirs. It's in the style of traditional walking songs and the piano supports... view details
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Sansa Kroma Sansa Kroma
arr. Michael Scott - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Don't miss this! Here is another wonderful addition to your multicultural programming that includes authentic native percussion and an infectious beat. The South African feel is dominant in the rhythms,... view details
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Sikiliza! Sikiliza! (Listen!)
Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

Listen to the infectious African rhythms and stacking triads of this joyous multicultural original, with an English text that features several Swahili words and phrases. A unison melody becomes a rhythmic... view details

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Sisi Sote Sisi Sote (All of Us)
Andy Beck - Alfred Music Publishing

The world rhythms and contemporary harmonies in this multicultural original are cause for celebration! An easy-to-learn Swahili text invites us to sing, dance, clap our hands, and stomp our feet. Free... view details

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Tama Tu Tama Tu (A Maori Proverb)
Sally K. Albrecht - Alfred Music Publishing

If you're looking for something a little different in a multicultural number, look no further! In this clever original, a Maori (New Zealand) proverb is presented both in chant and in song, with great rhythms... view details
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Tongo Tongo (Polynesian Folk Song)
arr. Greg Gilpin - Alfred Music Publishing

This traditional canoe song from Polynesia sounds very impressive with just two voice parts, hand claps, and percussion instruments. The echoing voice parts suggest people communicating from canoe to canoe... view details

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Tum Balalaika Tum Balalaika
Lois Brownsey & Marti Lunn Lantz - Alfred Music Publishing

A reflective opening sets the stage for this lively klezmer-style setting in triple meter. Fun-to-sing Yiddish lyrics celebrate the balalaika, a musical instrument from Russia, while new English words honor... view details
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Watoto Wa Dunia Watoto Wa Dunia
Sally K. Albrecht & Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

This fun feature for two and tjhree-part choirs includes Swahili and English lyrics, rhythmic chanting, accented body percussion, and many call and response phrases. Layered African instruments energize the... view details

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