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Women's Multicultural Choral Music (60)
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Adiemus Adiemus
Karl Jenkins - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Although this is an original work, the words, which simulate a tribal language, give it a world-music feeling. In fact, the chant-like character of the piece almost makes you feel as though you are taking... view details

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Ahrirang Ahrirang
arr. Brad Printz - Heritage Music Press

This extraordinary arrangement highlights the striking difference between traditional Korean music and Western musical style, presenting the song in both ways. The text speaks of Ahrirang Hill outside of... view details
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Al Shlosha D'varim Al Shlosha D'varim
Allan Naplan - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Al Shlosha D'varim is a lyrical setting of an essential maxim from Jewish morality laws, translated to mean: "The world is sustained by three things: by truth, by justice, and by peace." Available... view details

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Ani Ma'amin Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)
arr. John Leavitt - Hal Leonard Corporation

The text of this traditional Hebrew song comes from the twelfth century Jewish Articles of Faith, translated as "I believe." Sung by many Jews who were victims of the Holocaust, the song offered comfort... view details
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Bashana Haba'ah Bashana Haba'ah
arr. Nick Page - Hal Leonard Corporation

In America, this popular contemporary Jewish song is often performed slowly and peacefully, but in Israel, it is performed in a quick tempo, as it is in this arrangement. Featuring both Hebrew and English,... view details

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Bedu Pako Baramasa Bedu Pako Baramasa
Meghan Quinlan - National Music Publishers

This energetic piece from the Indian Himalayas has the lilt of a folk song and a message for the ages.  Selected for the Elena Sharkova Choral Series and premiered in the U.S. at the ACDA National... view details

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Bernyanyi Bersama Bernyanyi Bersama
Jim Papoulis - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Bernyanyi Bersama was written for the 2014 Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival in Bandung, Indonesia. Using the theme of diversity in harmony, the language of Indonesia (Bahasa) is woven... view details

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Bora Maisha Bora Maisha
Robert I. Hugh - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

After multiple trips to Kenya, East Africa, and studying, watching, singing, and listening to Kenyan music of all styles, composer Robert Hugh was inspired to write a new piece in the style of this region.... view details
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Cantar! Cantar!
Jay Althouse - Alfred Music Publishing

Cuban salsa music is sweeping the country, and Cantar! (which means "Sing!" in Spanish) is a stylistically authentic salsa work for choir. The text is a combination of English and simple, repetitive... view details
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MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
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Dansi Na Kuimba Dansi Na Kuimba
Dave & Jean Perry - Alfred Music Publishing

"Dansi Na Kuimba" means "dance and sing" in Swahili, and this exuberant selection is so much fun to sing that your students will insist on singing it again and again! The words convey a positive message about... view details
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Doraji Doraji
arr. Yoojin Muhn - Pavane Publishing

Doraji is one of the most popular Korean folk songs, about a wild mountain flower with spiritual essence. This arrangement captures both the gentle beauty of the flower and the excitement of those... view details

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Dubula Dubula
Stephen Hatfield - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Here's a fabulous festival piece for a cappella choirs! Dubula is a folk song of the Xhosa people of South Africa, and this arrangement really captures the authentic boisterous style of the original!... view details
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Eatnemen Vuelie Eatnemen Vuelie (Song of the Earth)
Frode Fjellheim/arr. Emily Crocker - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

The opening musical number from the Disney animated feature "Frozen," this song is inspired by indigenous Saami and Norwegian culture, a combination of Saami yoiking and the Danish Christmas hymn Dejlig... view details

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El Cielo Canta Alegria El Cielo Canta Alegria
Roger Bergs - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

This Argentinian worship song crackles with rhythmic energy and religious devotion alike! Perfect for either a first-time world music experience or a full-fledged Latin styled performance. With piano.... view details
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Gerakina Gerakina (Greek Folk Song)
arr. Henry Leck - Hal Leonard Corporation

Duration: ca. 1:30.... view details
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Gnothi Safton Gnothi Safton
Jim Papoulis/ed. Sophia Miller - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

With Gnothi Safton, composer Jim Papoulis raises the profile of Boomwhackers out of the elementary classroom and onto the concert stage. Including an original inspirational text that urges young... view details

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The Great Spirit, I Am The Great Spirit, I Am
Patti Drennan - Hal Leonard Corporation

Flute, wind chimes, rain stick, djembe and shaker contribute to the reflective mood of this musical setting of a Lakota poem. The modal melodies, vocal effects and rising and falling phrasing offer appropriate... view details
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Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe
Kirk Aamot - Hal Leonard Corporation

This popular worship song from Kenya can be performed in a variety of ways: by adding movement while singing, incorporating percussion instruments into the performance, or as a processional. Opening with a... view details

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Hava Nashira Hava Nashira
John Leavitt - Hal Leonard Corporation

Haunting is the word to best describe this Israeli folksong, scored here as a three-part canon with piano and optional clarinet, finger cymbals and bass.  Perfect for teaching legato singing, this lovely... view details
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If You Could Hear My Voice If You Could Hear My Voice
Jim Papoulis - Boosey & Hawkes, Inc

Jim Papoulis is the master of easy-to-sing choral pieces with a "world music" theme, and this rhythmic, uplifting song is a superb example of his work! It proclaims, "there is a voice inside me and I must let... view details
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