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Women's Secular Choral Concert Music (4)
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Born in a Song Born in a Song
Judith Herrington - Pavane Publishing

"I live in a song without words or endings, fragments of memories, murmur of harmonies..." Based on a Spanish text by Bianca Chamusco, this macaronic piece brings together Spanish and English in a unique... view details

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Connected Connected
Brian Tate - Pavane Publishing

"I am you are me..." This innovative original uses a clever text and pop-style music to create an environment of togetherness among members of the choir. Community - that's what it's all about. Each vocal... view details

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Dream Land Dream Land
Kevin A. Memley - Pavane Publishing

A poem by Christina Rossetti is the inspiration for this expressive piece for four-part voices and piano. "Where sunless rivers weep their waves into the deep, she sleeps a charmed sleep..." Appropriate for... view details

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There Will Come Soft Rains There Will Come Soft Rains
Kevin Memley - Pavane Publishing

IMPRESSIONS (Reflections on Humanity by Sara Teasdale) is a set of three outstanding pieces by Kevin Memley for treble voices. The texts are favorites of many and Kevin's treatments are exquisite masterpieces.... view details
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