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New Choir Music from Integrity Music (23)
New Choir Music from Integrity Music (23)
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All Sufficient God All Sufficient God
Jennie Lee Riddle and Thomas Miller / J. Daniel Smith - Integrity Music

We can give to God, even in our poverty, knowing that he will not take and not give back.  He is our all-sufficient God with all power and might to provide.  Dan Smith's setting of this new worship song will... view details
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At the Cross At the Cross
Matthew Fallentine & Glenn Packiam/arr. Ross - Integrity Music

"There's a place for heavy souls, where grace abounds and healing flows, and the lost are welcomed home. At the cross." This ballad-style setting is a musical reminder of the grace that is waiting for us at... view details
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Bless the Lord Bless the Lord
Various Composers / Richard Kingsmore - Integrity Music

We'll sing an anthem to His beautiful name, join the heavens, let the earth proclaim, bless the Lord! ... view details
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Accompaniment CD 
By the Grace of God By the Grace of God
Johnny Vogt/arr. Kingsmore - Integrity Music

"By the grace of God we can sing for joy and celebrate, dance with those who once were lame, by the grace of God alone."  Spirited and uplifting, this powerful contemporary offering in Celtic style will... view details
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Called to Be Called to Be
Jonathan Nelson / BJ Davis - Integrity Music

Here is a moving new song of commitment providing an opportunity to declare our desire to be what God has called us to be in spite of our circumstances.  This setting for solo and choir is moving and will help... view details
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Everything Will Change Everything Will Change
Jennie Lee Riddle & Robbie Seay/arr Kingsmore - Integrity Music

"There is hope today that God himself will heal our wounded world and say, Unto you a Savior comes and everything will change."  This song looks ahead to the coming of Christ with deep longing and a touch of... view details
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Faithful God Faithful God
Zach Neese / Camp Kirkland - Integrity Music

"Faithful God, You hold my life secure, and all my days are Yours" is the essence of this powerful song of discipleship.  Camp Kirkland's arrangement is sensitive and works well for the adult choir. ... view details
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First Love First Love
Jonathan James / Harold Ross - Integrity Music

Our highest call is loving God because of His perfect love for us. Because of His sacrifice and the price He paid, God is our first love as expressed in this tender song of devotion. ... view details
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Glorify You Alone Glorify You Alone
Sion Alford and Shannon Alford - Integrity Music

The lyrics of this powerful song speak for themselves. "You alone are worthy of our praise forever, seated on the throne of heaven glorified - You alone."  This will create a moment of praise in your worship... view details
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Great I Am Great I Am
Jared Anderson / Cliff Duren - Integrity Music

The desire of our heart is to be close to the God who is the great I Am. None is worthy, none beside Thee, the great I Am. ... view details
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More than Amazing More than Amazing
Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes/arr. Kingsmore - Integrity Music

This Richard Kingsmore arrangement combines the songwriting talents of Lincoln Brewster with the familiar chorus "O, how marvelous,  how wonderful is the Savior's love for me."  The result is a heartwarming... view details
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O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Ralph Hudson & Thomas Miller/arr. Christopher - Integrity Music

A familiar hymn is dressed up in contemporary attire here in this appealing and accessible setting.  The beloved words and tune that have been sung by many generations are arranged in a contemporary offering... view details
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O the Blood O the Blood
Mary Elizabeth Miller, Thomas Miller / Camp Kirkland - Integrity Music

O the blood of Jesus washes me. What a sacrifice that saved my life. Yes, the blood, it is my victory. ... view details
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Outshout the Lies Outshout the Lies
Richie Fike, Sean Mulholland / Harold Ross - Integrity Music

Here is a call to outshout the lies of the enemy, speak loud the truth. Christ has overcome and the work is finished - spoken and it's done. ... view details
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Peace on Earth Peace on Earth
Jared Anderson / Marty Hamby - Integrity Music

Let there be hoy, let there be praise, let there be mercy among us - let there be peace on earth.  Let there be love, let us be one under the Father above us - let there be peace on earth. ... view details
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Pouring It Out for You Pouring It Out for You
Jared Anderson, Jonathan Lee - Integrity Music

Because the Lord is worthy, we keep pouring it the cup of overflowing love from Him.   ... view details
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Praise Is the Offering Praise Is the Offering
Shannon Alford, Sion Alford, Glenn Packiam / Daniel Semsen - Integrity Music

Lord, we come to worship You; Lord, we bow our hearts in awe. By Your love we are redeemed; We are Yours and You're our God. ... view details
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So Good So Good
Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes / Cliff Duren - Integrity Music

Proclaiming "You are, good. so good, all the time, all my life," this upbeat and rhythmic setting by Cliff Duren will be a time of joyous praise for your choir and congregation. ... view details
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We Still Believe We Still Believe
Kathryrn Scott / Cliff Duren - Integrity Music

We cry out as one, we still believe. We're surrendering our hearts, Your faithfulness is our reward, we still believe. ... view details
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When the Stars Burn Down When the Stars Burn Down
Jonathan Lee & Jennie Lee Riddle/arr. Kirkland - Integrity Music

"When the stars burn down and the earth wears out and we stand before the throne, we'll be singing blessing and honor and power forever to our God."  Inspiring lyrics and memorable music unite in this moving... view details
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You Are in Control You Are in Control
Tony Wood, Jennie Lee Riddle and Don Poythress / J. Daniel Smith - Integrity Music

Knowing that all kingdoms and authorities are under His control, that He is the lifter of our heads, and that in Him all things are held together - we are able to proclaim, "You are in control, Ruler of the... view details
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