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Pedro Ximenez de Abrill Tirado - Chanterelle Verlag
100 Minuetos Cover

Pedro Ximenez de Abrill Tirado - Chanterelle Verlag
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The first complete modern publication of the 100 Minuets for guitar by the Peruvian composer Pedro Ximenez de Abrill Tirado. The recently found works of this legendary and prolific composer include, among others, 40 Symphonies, 48 Masses, 226 Songs with piano accompaniment, 50 Waltzes for piano, chamber works, as well as various guitar works, and in 2013 were registered with the UNESCO "Memory of the World" list. Pedro Ximenez was certainly one of the foremost South American composers of all times. Little wonder that this contemporary of Fernando Sor was acclaimed as "The Rossini of the Americas". These Minuets for guitar solo are a most welcome addition to the classical guitar repertory and an important contribution Latin American guitar history. 

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