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HOMERECORDING MAGAZINE - Hal Leonard Corporation
100 Tips and Tricks Strategies Cover

HOMERECORDING MAGAZINE - Hal Leonard Corporation
Publisher Desc.  Ever wondered how to get the same sound on your home studio projects that the pros get on your favorite CDs? Agonized over the right guitar sound? Pondered the perfect mic placement? Now, with Home Recording Magazine's 100 Recording Tips and Tricks, you can start getting the sound you've always wanted, while learning the secrets of pro recording engineers and producers. With either the DVD or video, you'll learn several strategies for turning your recording sessions into productive experiences that help you make the most of your music. Recorded at New York's Bass Hit Studios, where the music for HBO's hit series Oz is produced, and featuring the contributions of more than 10 recording engineers, producers and professional musicians, this title offers 100 useful tips and tricks for all sorts of recording studio activity, including: miking drums and other instruments, recording guitars, using computers, pre-production, tracking, mixing, post-production, and more. 36 minutes.
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