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Roland Barrett - C Alan / McClaren Productions

Roland Barrett - C Alan / McClaren Productions
From renowned composer Roland Barrett comes Aboriginal Dreams. It is a multi-movement work scored for 13 players (Bells, Xylophone, Vibraphone, 2 Marimbas, Chimes, Timpani, and 6 Battery). The first movement, Ritual, is introduced with powerful triplets and works into a sixteenth feel often breaking into passages of syncopated unison rhythms. The second and shortest movement, Rain, as the title suggests, starts gently and ripples with fast layered triplets ending as gently as it starts. The third movement is called Sacred Earth, Sacred Sky and has a peaceful, relaxed character loaded with rich harmonies in the mallet instruments supported by cymbal effects in the battery. Pitubi Dance is next and uses fun techniques such as bursts of thirty-second-notes and hand clapping to enhance the head-bobbing groove. The piece finishes with a movement appropriately named Fire. It starts with an out-of-meter timpani solo and explodes into a fast, primal melody. As the movement surges forth, the phrases get passed between the mallets, timpani, and battery leading to a huge four-note ending. All of your players get a chance to shine. If you only put one percussion ensemble piece on your program, make it this one!
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