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(Following Your Passion for a Career in Musical Theatre)
David Ladd - Hal Leonard Corporation
Footlight Dreams Cover

(Following Your Passion for a Career in Musical Theatre)
David Ladd - Hal Leonard Corporation
For many young people, the most intense performing experiences they may have are as part of a cast in a musical or play. Or, they may fall in love with a Broadway or touring production to the extent that they jump headlong into the pursuit of such a dream without the necessary planning and thought that should accompany such a big decision. Veteran actor and educator David Ladd has created a practical guide for performers, teachers and parents to help the decision-making process for aspiring performers as they contemplate their futures in the theatre. Drawing on his experience as a singer/dancer, including a sabbatical year in New York where he chronicled his challenges and successes, Ladd presents the full range of information students need before setting their sights on a music theatre career, including a full range of interviews from professional actors detailing the significant obstacles to success in the field, statistics on costs of housing, transportation and training, and the audition/casting process for a new, non-union performer. The final section of the book guides readers as they explore their own career options, with thought-provoking questions, journaling opportunities and career resources, making this especially useful for teachers working one-on-one with students or in the classroom. It's not an easy path, but if performing is your passion, pursue it with an open mind and listen to your heart - the successes can be glorious!
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