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Leo Traversa - Hal Leonard Corporation
Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Bass Cover

Leo Traversa - Hal Leonard Corporation
The fusion genre, as the name implies, is a blend of many styles and influences. This book and CD combination uses four tunes as a basis to show how this fusion blending process can occur and expose bassists to new musical ideas. With unique step-by-step approaches to developing "fused" feels that are not just superficial pasted together styles, players will discover how to create new grooves. In addition, there are many agility exercises to help students attain a high level of musicianship. For each style there is a comprehensive lesson centering on a fully-notated musical chart in the book and performed on the CD. The lessons consist of a breaking down of all the inspirational, musical and technical elements involved in developing a convincing performance of the tune. The CD includes a demonstration performance followed by a track without bass for playing along for study and practice in performing the technical aspects and rhythms of each style.  
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