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Studio in a Box Producer Pack Cover

Hal Leonard - Hal Leonard Corporation

The affordable yet professional Producer Edition of Studio-in-a-Box includes everything you need to capture and share your recordings. Featuring more powerful components than the Artist Edition, the Producer Edition gives you a substantial studio set-up right out of the box. Noted author Bill Gibson provides a step-by-step guide to follow, plus recording tips and ideas to maximize your set-up. This edition includes high-quality products from established brands such as Pro Tools, M-Audio, Rapco, and Yamaha. Tech support is available to ensure your success, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Components include:

  • M-Audio Mobile Pre II Audio Interface - This is the best-selling 2-Channel recording interface in its category, features a simple #26;plug-and-play#26; USB connection. Easy to record guitar, vocals, and more directly into your computer. With two XLR/TS combo jacks and two line inputs you can record two microphones, two instruments, or two line-level sources at once. You can get stereo recordings. Includes 24-bit/48kHz sound quality, 1/4#26; instrument input with gain control, 1/4#26; stereo headphone output, RCA stereo speaker outputs, output level knob for adjusting volume of headphones and speaker outputs, all powered by USB, so no power adapter required.
  • Pro Tools SE recording software - Easy-to-use recording and effects software based on the world's best-selling program. Offers industry standard recording, editing, and mixing features. Powerful effects like reverb, delay will polish your mix. Also includes a comprehensive loop library #26; perfect for quickly constructing song ideas.
  • M-Audio Nova Condenser mic with XLR cable - Great mics can be the critical link in a getting great sounds. This popular cardioid redefines the entry-level point for quality studio condenser mics. The 1.1#26; gold diaphragm mounted in a solid brass capsule ensures recordings that are faithful to the source. The Class A solid-state electronics are engineered for low noise, distortion, and coloration.
  • M-Audio AV-40 Studio Reference Monitors - Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, these use premium woofer and tweeter components for rich lows and crystal highs, wave guides for clarity and detail, and wooden cabinets for tight, punchy sound. Based on a professional legacy that M-Audio is known for. You will mix with confidence that the sound you hear, is the sound the world with get. Includes (2) 6-foot Rapco high-quality monitor cable to hook up to your interface.
  • Step-by-Step User Guide by Bill Gibson - Author of the Hal Leonard Recording Method and editor of dozens of audio publications, Bill Gibson writes about this exact set-up by name so you will be able to connect quickly and record effectively. Bill and our staff are available for tech support so you can be confident to have a successful recording.
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