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Earlene Rentz - Earlene Rentz Publications
Girls! Sing This Song! Cover

Earlene Rentz - Earlene Rentz Publications
Publisher Desc.  A playful, lilting, light-hearted composition of the "complexity" of girls see it! In the mix of the confusion, songs of "Fa la la" and "Ha ha ha" add to the delightful confusion, then build toward the final "Ha ha!" at the end of the piece. Musically, the piece is filled with opportunities to create choral energy through the use of dynamics, accents, staccatos, and the resolve that only girls understand. The wonderful lyrics by Wanetta Hill create a mood of joy in this process, no matter what the outcome might be! Enjoy this playful movement around, beneath, above, toward, and through the theme of love! Girls! Sing this song!
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