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Jim Kelsey - Michigan Prairie Music
Nocturnes for Solo Piano Op. 26 Cover

Jim Kelsey - Michigan Prairie Music
Publisher Desc.  Four Nocturnes, Op. 26, were written over a seven month period, between July, 1994-January, 1995, titled in order Contemplation, Candlelight, Tidal Breezes and Fantasy at Dusk: Crickets and other Fauna . The set is written for the medium-advanced pianist and dedicated to the composer's second piano teacher. Of particular interest are the second and fourth nocturnes. The second nocturne was composed while the composer was sitting at the piano one December evening in 1994 when the power was out and candles were the only source of light. The final nocturne, is based on the composer's childhood memories growing up on his parent's dryland wheat farm in eastern Washington. As the sun would go down, the crickets would begin chirping, frogs would counter with ribbets and owls could be seen, but not heard. Once it was completely dark, the family would sit and watch the stars. The piece concludes celebrating the glory that God has created for us in the heavens.
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