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Jim Kelsey - Michigan Prairie Music

Jim Kelsey - Michigan Prairie Music
Publisher Desc.  Seven Etudes in Pop, Op. 20 is a collection of pieces that I composed during the years while attending Eastern Washington University. My goal back then was to represent as many instrumental parts as possible: the role of the electric bass and the drum set went to the left hand; the right hand had the job of representing the singer and any keyboard fills. Two of the etudes were originally given titles. Time has erased the reason behind After All, but it must have been something in the chorus or verse that caused me to give it a name. Eric's Song was dedicated to my brother who was a Bruce Hornsby fan in 1990/91. I tried to incorporate the types of quartal harmonies that Hornsby would use in his songs while adding my own flare to the piece. These pieces are no where near the difficulty nor sophistication of the etudes written by Chopin, Rachmaninoff or the other great masters. They are what they are; late 20th century instrumental pop. It is my desire that both the performer and listener find them enjoyable. Mendelssohn had his Song Without Words...why not Seven Etudes in Pop?
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