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Fantasie Variations on Mazurek Dabrowskiego Cover

Sy Brandon - Co-Op Press
Publisher Desc.  Fantasie Variation on Mazurek Dabrowskiego was commissioned in 2010 by David Wozniak. Wozniak suggested using the Polish National Anthem as the basis of a composition that can serve as a fiery opener to a concert. After a short introduction, the anthem is stated using a repetitive rhythmic motif in the piano. Variation one is a minor variant that has a chromatic obligato in the saxophone on the repeat. After a two measure interlude in 4/4 that breaks up the 3/4 meter of the mazurka. Variation two begins, this variation uses motifs from the anthem to create a new saxophone melody. Variation three changes meter often and is more technical and angular. A repeat of the minor variant brings the first section to a close. After a transition to a slower tempo a mysterious variation with sudden outbursts occurs. I uses a lot of feminine endings that are characteristic of some Polish music. The tempo slows once again before variation seven which is a lyrical and romantic treatment of motifs from the anthem. The final fast section begins with a rhythmic 5/8 variation that changes to 6/8 for the second part of the anthem's structure. An ornamental version of the anthem with the mazurka rhythm returns at the end before a rousing coda brings the work to a close. This composition is recorded by David Wozniak and Krista Wallace-Boaz on the Emeritus label American Fusion CD.
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