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Beethoven, Ludwig van - Gateway Editions

Beethoven, Ludwig van - Gateway Editions
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Here is the best-known sonata of the best-known composer of sonatas, the "Moonlight" of Beethoven. This edition is distinguished by several unique features. First, the page turns are set up for maximum ease and continuity of playing. Second, extended arpeggios are labeled with the symbol of the chord being arpeggiated. Third, the 2nd movement, which is often compressed onto one page, is here presented as TWO facing pages, for much greater ease in reading and playing from the score.

The Presto 3rd mvnt. has the only note edits. The fast Alberti figures in the right hand are changed to an alternating of two notes rather than three. Beethoven himself uses this very figure later in the piece. We have applied it throughout. The diminished-chord arpeggios at the apex of the piece are often presented as a jumble of extended slurs and ties. We here show only the attacks, for an excellent view of the actual NOTES,and when they begin, as opposed to the detailed view of how long they should last, since players use the sustain pedal for this passage in any case.

The rolled 10th/5th passages in the melody have been changed to an octave and a fifth, for better ease at speed. ALSO, there is no turning back, literally, as the repeats in the 3rd movement are written out, so it is Full Page Turns Ahead! This greatly facilitates playing from either the printed or e-score. Priced to be affordable, formatted for maximum convenience, and tweaked EVER so slightly so as to make this masterwork, by turns moody, charming, and ferocious, playable, readable and enjoyable for as many pianists as possible!

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