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Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions

Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions
Publisher Desc.  The book begins with a chord-scale matching chart. Each scaletone 7th chord, and their extensions and alterations, are included, and at least one scale is matched to each possible chord, often more than two or three. The scales are listed chromatically up from C, though B. The 25 scales on each root are all listed under the key signature of the initial major scale, so that is is immediately clear how any scale differs from the major. Scales for each key include: Maj, Harm min, Mel min, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixo, Aeolian, Locrian, Lyd Dom, Super Loc, Alt Loc, Aug Lyd, Double Harm min, BeBop Maj, min, Dorian, Mixo, and Lyd Dom, min blues, Maj blues, min and Maj Pentatonic, with Tatum's fingerings, and a scale I call the BeBop Pentatonic. The fingering system employed here uses the key of F rather than the key of C as a model for ALL other keys. The thumbs play together ALL the time, and are usually placed on either white key of the natural half-step on the white keys, E/Fb, B/Cb. Also included are the diminished and wholetone scales, the tritonic scale, and a series of figures called SafeTones(R), indicated for each of the three main chord types, Maj7, min7, and Dom7. Part Three treats harmony in a similar comprehensive and clearly organized approach. Look for it Soon! For jazz pianists, students of jazz piano, and players of other instruments as well. Fingered for the piano, bass and treble clefs throughout.
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