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Modeste Mussorgsky/arr. Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions

Modeste Mussorgsky/arr. Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions
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The complete full-length suite in the original keys, with 95% original notes. Some passages edited for range, reduced harmonic spans in either hand, some octave leaps reduced to low-high note movements. Some metric changes in time signatures for better clarity of the underlying pulse. Lots of respellings to avoid the plethora of double flats and sharps; original spellings are retained where a chord progression requires it, such as a D-sharp 7 in the key of G-sharp minor. Some nonsymmetrical or awkward chords are revoiced for easier leaps in contrary motion. Sounds like a lot of changes, yet some of these same changes can be heard and seen on CDs and DVDs by well-known artists. The audio sample is of the piece Les Tuileries and is edited in much the same fashion as Lovo Pogerelich has done on his own Pictures DVD. A new urtext edition was used as the main source. Difficult at fast tempos, the spans and leaps that remain can be negotiated more easily at slower speeds. Bound for the best possible page turns. All the tremolandos and trills are written out for complete and explicit security for each musical gesture.

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