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Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions

Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions
Publisher Desc.  Part Three of BeBop Hanon focuses on jazz harmony. It features root position scaletone 7th chords in major and minor, separate sections for each type of scaletone 7th chord, as vertical structures, and as arpeggios, with a focus on root position and 2nd inversion. It has a section that summarizes chords on each chromatic tone, and in each major and minor key, showing the 6th chord-dim7 system espoused by Barry Harris, and used for block harmony at the piano. There is modal harmony, for major and minor, there is a section on the Dom. 7th, and how to group the altered tones into coherent upper structures, like tertian and quartal triads. There is a Jazz Voicing Dictionary, A Chord Encyclopedia, and a Total Harmonization Lexicon. A chart that matches each chord with one or more scales that can be played over it begins the book. BBH Part One, the Exercises, gives you melodic materials, Part Two shows you what scales those shapes can be fitted into, and Part Three shows you which chords and voicings of those chords fit the Symbol on the lead sheet, giving the student ALL the info and tools needed to pursue Creativity through Competence. Spiral-bound. Coming soon, and spiral-bound, a Complete set, at a bargain price. Individual volumes will remain available.
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