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Allan Portera - Best Music Stuff
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An incredibly powerful tool for ukulele players, teachers, and songwriters. It provides a creative learning approach for all skill levels: from beginners to advanced players, instructors, arrangers, band leaders and anyone with an interest in playing the ukulele and understanding its principles.
Printed on durable (250 gram) paper stock and coated on the front with a dry-erase finish that won’t fade or become dull over time. Each dry-erase poster comes with 2 dry-erase markers and 2 mounting clips with adhesive strip so your markers will always be within reach.

Creative Ukulele Chords Poster 36″x24″
Dry-Erase Surface       216 Chord Diagrams
2 Dry-Erase Markers    18 Chord Formulas
Chord Jam Circle         Major Chords
Major Scale Chart        Dominant Chords
Minor Scale Chart        Minor Chords
Chord Progressions     Diminished Chords
Scale Intervals           Augmented Chords
Pentatonic Scales       Fretboard Map
Blues Scales             Song Writing Canvas
Major Scale              Natural Minor Scale

Popular Ukulele Chords Poster 24″x36″
120 Chord Diagrams     Major, Major 6, Major 7 Chords
10 Chord Formulas        Dominant 7 Chords
Chord Fingerings           Minor, Minor 6, Minor 7 Chords
11 Chord Progressions    Diminished, Diminished 7 Chords
Fretboard Map                Augmented Chords

The Ultimate Ukulele Chord Poster 24″x36″
216 Chord Diagrams    Major Chords
18 Chord Formulas      Dominant Chords
Chord Fingerings         Minor Chords
Scale Formulas            Diminished Chords
Mode Formulas            Augmented Chords
Fretboard Map             Chords By Color

Ukulele Chords Cheat Sheet Pocket Reference 4"x6"
Laminated Card Stock      Fits in Your Pocket
70 Chord Shapes             Major Chords
Dominant Chords             Minor Chords
Diminished Chords           Augmented Chords
Ukulele Fretboard             Circle of Fifths / Fourths
18 Chord Formulas           11 Chord Progressions

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The Best Ukulele Poster is a 36” x 24” dry-erase poster.
• 18 different chord voicings for all 12 notes of the chromatic scale
• Total of 216 chord shapes
• Fretboard map spanning 15 frets
• Scale charts for Major and Minor scales.
• Chord formulas for the 18 chords pictured
• Creative chord circle is included with major and minor scale set for fun jamming.
• Blank staff and Tab area for notating songs with 5 blank chord diagrams
• 5 Scales total (major and minor pentatonic, major and minor blues and major and natural minor scales)

Each poster comes with 3 dry-erase markers (red, blue and black), 3 marker clips and 6 - 3M double sided foam stickies for hanging hanging.

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