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Phil and Lynne Brower / Don Wyrtzen - Great Stuff Music Company
Phil and Lynne Brower / Don Wyrtzen - Great Stuff Music Company
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An Old Fashioned Christmas (Adult SATB Musical and/or Song Collection)

An old-fashioned Christmas; ah, such a pleasant thought! Imagine: no more traffic jams, exhausted shoppers, OR frustrating after-Christmas returns. Seem impossible? BUT, not really; for you see, there was a time like that. We know, because tucked away in a dusty attic, a diary was found that tells of a very different kind of Christmas. Its pages transport us back to a time when Christmas was, well …”just Christmas”. Beautifully written and orchestrated, the songs and script of this Musical decorate the charming memories of that Christmas Past: sleighs pulled by horses; walks to church in the snow; packages decorated in brown paper and dad’s black stockings hung by the fire; AND… the treasure list goes on.

We know singer and audience alike, will thrill again to The Greatest Story Ever Told as they visit a place, a time, when Christmas was “just Christmas… a plain and simple “Old Fashioned Christmas

Available for purchase from J.W. Pepper: the complete musical book, orchestrations, and individual songs.

For fully orchestrated accompaniment tracks or listening tracks, please visit our website at

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