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Kat Felicis Ioco - Kat Felicis Ioco Music
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"Unexpected Amusements Facilitating Hijinks of Chaotic Invention" is a short three-movement work for Bb clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. "Unexpected Amusements" introduces the quirky trio with its major stylings and chromatic flourishes, "Facilitating Hijinks" adds an air of sneakiness and extreme upper-register clarinet before incorporating an extended oboe technique, and "Of Chaotic Invention" rips through to the end with virtuosic solo moments and call-backs to the first two movements, ending on a delightfully squealing chord.

Lasting approximately four and a half minutes in total (~4:30 min.), "Unexpected Amusements Facilitating Hijinks of Chaotic Invention" is tonal despite its chromaticism and extended instrumental techniques, and it encourages acting at a couple points (which the performers can expand upon or ignore as desired). It is appropriate for a wide variety of contexts, including concerts and competitions.

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