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Robert S. Cohen - Leapfrog Productions

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Robert S. Cohen - Leapfrog Productions
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Publisher Desc.  In music composition, a movement is a musical piece that can be performed on its own but is part of a larger composition. Movements can follow their own form, key, and mood, and often contain a complete resolution or ending." This is a moment in time when movements and voices are joining to address the urgent needs around us. If we are to survive we must address the fact that we live on a fragile earth. That we are a fragile people. But together we can change the world! This anthem unites our voices as one voice to speak passionately to the issues confronting us today. WE ARE ONE weaves through major challenges we face in the preservation of our earth and in our effort to respect all humanity. To live in love, not hate. To foster peace, not fear. This movement, this song, WE ARE ONE, is our own statement, sung in our own key of urgency, covering the many moods and concerns about preserving life today with the hope that as WE ARE ONE we can indeed change the world and come to the resolution and ending, that we are stronger to do so when WE ARE ONE. We will dare to make the world a better place.
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