(Virtual Choir Resource Kit)
Joel Raney - Hope Publishing Company
If You Love Me Cover

(Virtual Choir Resource Kit)
Joel Raney - Hope Publishing Company
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With a text utilizing Jesus' words to his disciples in the upper room, this Lenten anthem reminds us of the peace we can find in Christ.  A lush accompaniment and chamber orchestration give the setting depth and emotion.

Virtual Choir Resource Kits give you everything you need to rehearse, record, mix, and edit a virtual choir video. The video and audio files can also be used for choir members to rehearse at home, so if you are able to perform together your choir members will be fully rehearsed and prepared.


Contents: twelve videos; seven MP3 audio files; a PDF of the anthem to share with your choir; a Word file of the lyrics to the anthem; instructions for your choir members on how to record themselves; and permission to share all the resources, use them to make a video, stream your video, and post it online.


Includes links to a full SATB video and four part-dominant videos - each SATB part is mixed separately so that one part is louder than the others. Each shows the music as well as Joel Raney conducting, which will be extremely helpful in keeping everyone together on entrances and cut-offs. The video links may only be shared with members of your choir. 


There are five other versions of these videos which can then be used for recording. Each includes lead-in instructions explaining how choir members should record themselves. You also get a video of Joel Raney conducting and a lyric video, both of which may be used in your final virtual choir edit.


All of the MP3 audio files may be shared with your choir and used in editing. There are four part-dominant MP3 recordings for choir members who may prefer rehearsing with them. There is a stereo vocal mix, a stereo accompaniment-only mix, and a split-track mix (one channel is the accompaniment and the other is voices only). The split-track mix gives you the option to use some of the demo recording voices to help equalize your final vocal mix.


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