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Wynton Marsalis & Sandy Feldstein - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
Jazz for Young People Cover

Wynton Marsalis & Sandy Feldstein - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
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This valuable multi-media package conveys the rich and colorful history of jazz music.  Written by renowned trumpeter and jazz education advocate Wynton Marsalis, in consultation with Sandy Feldstein, this course of study is ideal for any class situation.  Marsalis' insightful commentary is sure to help students grasp the essence of this uniquely American art form.  The complete Jazz for Young People Curriculum offers a comprehensive teacher's guide, 30 student guides, a 48-minute Video, a 10-CD audio set, as well as a CD-ROM containing transcripts of the narration.  The student guide brings the history of jazz to life with an emphasis on major figures in jazz music and offers a wide range of written activities to reinforce concepts taught.  The CD recordings are truly exceptional!  With Wynton Marsalis' narration, the complex elements of jazz performance are broken down in segments that are easy for students to understand.  Performances by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra ensure your students will hear authentic recordings of top quality.  Modern recordings of authentic early jazz music are a most welcome alternative to the scratchy recordings that have been the norm for years.  The curriculum is available as a complete set, with additional student guides sold separately.  

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