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3D Basic, 3D Interactive and 3D Professional Cover

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For over 35 years, Pyware has been the recognized leader in software specifically designed to meet the needs of marching band directors and drill designers worldwide. High schools, colleges and universities as well as drum corps depend on 3D for their designing needs. 3D offers the most highly advanced design features as well as the interactive Performer's Practice Tools, the software hundreds of marching ensembles depend on to get their show on the field as quickly as possible. Not only a staple item for high school and college bands, 3D has also been used in special events such as Super Bowl halftime shows, the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, over 90% of all college bowl games, major parades, movies such as "Drumline," and even on Broadway.

  • 3D Basic is a lower-cost edition with all of the advanced 3D features for designing and printing drill. This product was developed for the marching band director that needs to design their own field show.
  • 3D Interactive includes 3D Basic as well as the interactive features of 3D Online Accounts to seamlessly upload/download drills to clients, students, performers, and potential drill design customers worldwide. 3D Interactive is compatible with the 3D family of interactive software. Interactive software includes 3D Performer's Practice Tools (a suite of personal practice tools for performers to use at home), 3D Director's Viewer, and, of course, all installations of 3D Interactive and 3D Professional. Interactive is favored by colleges and universities as well as BOA Grand Nationals competitors.
  • 3D Professional includes all of the features of 3D Interactive and 3D Basic as well as all of the Plug-ins offered by Pygraphics, including the Floor Covers, Traditional Design Tools, Spiral Tool, and Personal Drill Book Printer. This edition also includes an additional install for your license as well as an increase in the number of files you can host in your online account. Professional is developed for full-time drill designers and drill design companies as well as ensembles that desire the most features available.

Version 9 is now available.

Windows and Mac compatible! Be sure to click on the movie reel icon below to see a demonstration.

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