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Various/ed. Spicker - G. Schirmer, Inc.
Anthology of French Songs Cover

Various/ed. Spicker - G. Schirmer, Inc.
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This comprehensive collection includes 39 songs by French composers, and is ideal repertoire for both the advanced student and teacher. Texts are included in both French and English.  Featured composers include: Bachelet, Bizet, Bruneau, Chausson, Coquard, Debussy, Delibes, D'Indy, Duparc, Faure, Frank, Hue, Lalo, Lekeu, Leroux, Massenet, Paladilhe, Pierne, Saint-Saens, Vidal and Widor.      
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Full Song List
  • Albayde by Charles Marie Widor
  • A Lucette (To Lucette) by Gabriel Pierne
  • Apres un Reve (After a Dream) by Gabriel Faure
  • Ariette (Were I Sunshine, I Should Come) by Paul Vidal
  • Beau Soir (Evening Fair) by Claude Debussy
  • Bonjour, Suzon (Good-morning, Sue) by Leo Deliebes
  • Brises d'autrefois (Breezes of Other Days) by Georges Hue
  • Chanson Triste (A Song of Sorrow) by Henri Duparc
  • Chere Nuit (Dearest Night) by Alfred Bachelet
  • Hai-luli (Sad and Lovely) by Arthur Coquard
  • Je ne veux pas autre chose (Nothing I ask thee to give me) by Charles Marie Widor
  • La Chanson de l'Aouette (The Lark's Song) by Edouard Lalo
  • La Chevelure (Her Hair) by Claude Debussy
  • La Cloche (The Bell) by Camile Saint-Saens
  • La Solitaire (In Solitude) by Camile Saint-Saens
  • Le Charme (The Charm) by Ernest Chausson
  • Le Fidele Coeur (The Faithful Heart) by Paul Vidal
  • L'Esclave (The Bondmaid) by Edouard Lalo
  • L'Heureux Vagabond (The Gay Vagabond) by Alfred Bruneau
  • L'Invitation au Voyage (Invitation to the Journey) by Henri Duparc
  • Le Lever de la Lune (moonrise) by Camile Saint-Saens
  • Le Mariage des Roses (The Marriage of the Roses) by Cesar Franck
  • Le Nil (The Nile) by Xavier Leroux
  • Le Roitelet (The Wren) by E Paladilhe
  • Les Berceaux (The Cradles) by Gabriel Faure
  • Les Papillons (Butterflies) by Ernest Chausson
  • Les Roses d'Ispahan (The Rose of Ispahan) by Gabriel Faure
  • Les Trois Prieres (Three Prayers) by E. Paladilhe
  • Lied Maritime (A Sea-Song) by Vincent D'Indy
  • Mandoline (Mandolin) by Claude Debussy
  • Nell by Gabriel Faure
  • Nuit d'Etoiles (Starry Night) by Charles Marie Widor
  • Premiere Danse (The First Dance) by Jules Massenet
  • Psyche by E. Paladilhe
  • Rencontre (A Meeting) by Gabriel Faure
  • Romance by Claude Debussy
  • Soir (Evening) by Gabriel Faure
  • Sur une Tombe (On a Tomb) by Guillaume Lekeu
  • Vieille Chanson (In the Woods) by Georges Bizet

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