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Thomas E. Rudolph - GIA Publications

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Thomas E. Rudolph - GIA Publications
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Without a doubt, this is the most important, up-to-date and informative book on technology for music teachers that we have seen yet!  This is a must-have book for anyone looking for appropriate and worthwhile ways to integrate technology into the music classroom. No matter what your experience in the high-tech world, we're sure that you will benefit from reading this superb book.  Novices will find clear, easy-to-follow material on the basics of hardware, software and tech jargon.  After the basics, you'll find a wealth of advice on how to make the technology work for you in the classroom and with your performance groups.  Clear teaching strategies will allow you to apply technology to each of the National Standards as developed by MENC.  You'll find descriptions of many of the software programs available, how to incorporate them into your program, how to purchase hardware, and even information on electronic bulletin boards, online services and the internet!  This second edition also includes a companion CD-ROM with student assignments, projects, lesson plans, and links to web sites that offer free software, demo programs, and up-to-date technical information.  In a few short years technology will be an integral part of every music program in the country, and this is the book you need to make sure you're ready for the future!  
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