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David Karp - Willis Music Company
Buckeye Blues and Boogie-Early Adv Cover

David Karp - Willis Music Company
Publisher Desc.  Description: The Buckeye Blues and Boogie was commissioned by the All Ohio Piano Ensemble for the early advanced group of piano students. I have attempted to compose a composition using elements of the blues and boogie style that will challenge and motivate the piano student. Purpose: The purpose of this duet is to stimulate interest and develop skill in practicing and performing music that is inherently American. Born through a conflict of Western tonality and the folk song of the African slave, this juxtaposition evokes a quality of sound known as jazz. Suggestions for Instruction: Be sure to have students use the metronome when practicing. Encourage students to count as they practice the syncopated rhythms and broken triplet figures at the end. Slow practice is highly recommended to achieve confidence and security. Balance is very important in ensemble playing. Encourage the students to listen and determine which part(s) need to be given priority. The lazy swing rhythm enhances the bluesy sound of the melody. If the students have a problem, have them subdivide the quarter note in three. The grace notes are treated like acciaccatura. Key: C Major 16 p.
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