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(Spanish Editions)
John Thompson - Willis Music Company
John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano Cover

(Spanish Editions)
John Thompson - Willis Music Company
Here are Spanish editions of one of the oldest and best-known piano methods! The First Grade Book is recommended for Spanish-speaking students who already have an elementary-level knowledge of the piano keyboard, note names, and reading from the grand staff.  It begins with Music Land, an eight measure piece in C major position which has a melody of half notes in the right hand and harmony of half and whole notes in the left. Phrasing, articulation and form are emphasized from the beginning.  Students move from the elementary to the intermediate level as they learn such concepts as accidentals, half and whole steps, syncopation, chords in inversions, the C Major scale and pieces in the following keys: C, G, D, A, E, F, Bb, Eb, Ab Major.  Hand positions vary widely depending on what key you're in. This First Grade Book includes folk tunes, originals and arrangements of classics by the author. Finger numbers are provided liberally, for every new note, in every piece of this book.  The Second Grade Book gives Spanish-speaking students the experience of playing at the intermediate level. Technical challenges such as tucking the thumb under and crossing fingers over is dealt with directly. New concepts such as the chromatic scale, ledger lines, pedalling, major and minor scales, arpeggios, primary chords and dominant sevenths are presented.  Composer biographies and commentary on classical music and music history are provided for many pieces, as are preparatory exercises and etudes. Fingerings are provided liberally.  A glossary of musical terms is included at the end.
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