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Denise Gagne - Themes & Variations
Musicplay Grade 2 Cover

Denise Gagne - Themes & Variations
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Musicplay is a sequential curriculum with lessons that follow the calendar year. The weekly lessons outline the new concepts that will be taught, those that will be reviewed, and include seasonal and holiday repertoire. The planning is done for the teacher with the monthly Lesson Outlines showing the month at a glance. Forty detailed weekly lessons offer a menu of musical activities. There is more than enough material in each lesson plan for two 30-minute music classes.

Each lesson plans is like a menu. There are many song choices, and for each song there are activities to choose from along with reproducible items for students to use. You can choose the songs and the activities that teach the curriculum concepts required by your state as well as the songs and activities that hold the most appeal for you and your students.

Four performance/accompaniment CDs (or downloads) with more than 95 musical selections are included with the teacher's edition! Child and adult voices are used, and there are many recordings licensed from popular children’s entertainers. Accompaniments include Orff arrangements, piano accompaniments, and orchestrated accompaniments. Performance songs on the CDs have both performance tracks and accompaniment tracks - you can use the accompaniment-only tracks for your performances. Multicultural songs feature authentic performances - the songs are in original languages and are sung by native singers. Many of the multicultural songs are game songs that appeal to children even though the language and sound may be unfamiliar. Rounds, choral selections, and folk song arrangements are included to help your students begin singing in parts. Piano, guitar, and ukulele accompaniment books are available.

Assessment suggestions are given throughout the teacher's guides along with checklists of important skills.

Musicplay supports and enhances science, social studies, and language arts curricula and includes poetry and many songs that teach about the environment. In second grade, songs to teach vowels and consonants are included. The student books and digital resources are wonderful literacy tools providing many opportunities for shared reading. Students will develop reading skills while they learn music.

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