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(2nd Edition)
E. L. Lancaster & Kenon D. Renfrow - Alfred Music Publishing

(2nd Edition)
E. L. Lancaster & Kenon D. Renfrow - Alfred Music Publishing
This highly flexible curriculum is for non-keyboard music majors with little or no prior keyboard experience.  It may also be used successfully by non-music majors or independent teachers seeking creative ways to develop functional skills in their adult students.  The Second Edition, Book 1, includes updates inspired by numerous recommendations from group piano teachers and students.  This book includes a CD-ROM containing both audio and General MIDI files of the 500+ accompaniments included in the text, each with an interesting and engaging arrangement coupled with the piano part.  The easy-to-use text contains 26 units, each intended to be covered in one week, thus fulfilling two semesters or three quarters of study.  Theory, technique, sight-reading, repertoire, harmonization, improvisation and ensemble activities are taught thoroughly and consistently throughout the text.  Book 1 is 360 pages.  The Teacher's Handbook to Book 1 serves as an aid in curriculum development and daily lesson planning.  It also suggests ways to successfully integrate keyboard and computer technology into the curriculum.  The Second Edition, Book 2, includes 26 units, each to be covered in one week.  The reading approach is eclectic, combining the best elements of intervallic and multi-key reading.  With its self-directed study and clear goals, students quickly develop efficient keyboard skills.
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