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Seth Riggs - Music Sales Corporation
American Idol Singer's Advantage  Cover

Seth Riggs - Music Sales Corporation
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If you dream of being the next big pop star, but need a little extra help, American Idol Singer's Advantage is for you! Through a DVD, seven CDs and a workbook, acclaimed singing coach Seth Riggs demonstrates his Speech Level Singing Technique that today's superstars use to make singing as easy as speaking. The Voice Evaluation CD analyzes your singing and then instantly gives you a customized lesson plan designed to fix the problem areas of your voice. The Sound Choice Songs CD is packed with popular songs that help train your voice to become a great singer. The Bonus CD includes Five Secrets to Mastering Any Song. The workbook allows you to chart your progress as your voice improves day by day. Whether you're male or female and regardless of whether you sing pop, R&B, country, jazz or any style at all, this system will get you on the path to having a great voice. And you just may be the next "American Idol!"
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