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Dennis Eveland - TRN Music Pub. Co.
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Aviator is a three movement composition which is dedicated to Juan Valenciano. Mr. Valenciano retired as Director of the J.W. Nixon High School Orchestra, in Laredo, TX. The J.W. Nixon High School Orchestra, under his direction, was a consistant University Interscholastic Leagur Sweepstakes winner. His orchestra premiered this work. Movement one  is titled "Departure." This movement depicts the beginning of our flight into space. It is the intent to have this movement be lively and yet very flowing. Movement two is called "Above the Clouds." In this movement, we can imagine the peace and serenity of being above the clouds. This lovely work should be performed with a lot of expression. A string quintet is featured at measure 43. Movement three is called "Arrival to Earth." As we begin our descent back to Earth, the listener can feel the excitement of coming home. Keep this movement full of energy and excitement. It is the composer's hope that your students and audience will enjoy this selection.

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