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Bass Logic-Bass Tab Cover

Bill Edwards - Bill Edwards Publishing
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Bass Logic presents the same approach for bass players which made Fretboard Logic a #1 bestseller for guitar players. Our unique approach to playing bass is modeled after the world renown Fretboard Logic guitar method. Bass Logic lets you learn what you want, when you want it. It does not dictate what style of music you should play, or what type of instrument upon which you should play it.

Bass Logic's non-linear structure makes it possible for bassists to study the things which are most relevant to them now instead of having to work through tedius and boring exercises to get to the good stuff.  You'll study at your own pace those things which will serve to either amplify your strengths, or minimize your weaknesses. Wheteher you are a pick style player or a finger style player, Bass Logic will work for you. You'll learn the fredboard, the tone groups, keys, intervals, notation formats, articulation techniques and much more. Whether it is a new technique or a new way of thinking, Bass Logic gives you a lot of choices for how to use the material once it has been learned.

Bass Logic will apply to any style of music and any level player. It does not dictate or even endorse any particular technique or type of instrument. Whether you are jus starting out, or are a seasoned pro, you'll find material you can use in the practice hall, the studio or on stage - right now. The easygoing no-nonsense writing style helps you tackle even difficult subjects that may have held you back before. You'll soon have a well-stocked tool box full of tips, tricks and techniques that will serve you well in any playing situation.

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